Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Save The Date.

I've never heard about Save the date-cards before starting to read wedding blogs. Apparently this is very trendy very Anerican thing in which you can spend the excess money that you will of course have in your wedding budget. I don't think this is very common in Finland, at least I've never received such card being invited in two weddings, which to the other one I kinda accidentally invited myself to, I guess it's no wonder...

Anyhow, point of the card is that it is sent well in advance, before the actual invitations. Maybe in some situations this feels completely pointless. But as our wedding will be quite far away from the guests, and those who would like to join have to plan it quite early, we thought this could be a good idea. We already decided THE date on they day of proposal, so why not tell it to the people we want to invite. :)

My original idea got some influences from wedding blogs I've been reading; I was thinking that we could get someone taking few nice pictures from us, make a collage out of them and the print it as a card. Yeah, I like collages...

But so it happened that while I was still thinking about doing something my most-wonderful-ever fiance had already taken care of the whole thing. He picked one picture of us and asked his friend to create the cards. And the result is cute and cheerful, just like us ;) So rather soon some lucky ones will receive this card:

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