Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For us it felt very natural that we would get married rather soon. But we wanted summer wedding. So we have decided that our wedding will be next June here in Wroclaw (I will propably write more about the location later). Obviously hard-core planning started right away. I already have some ideas that I wanted to share....

I really like pastel colors, and what would be more suitable for wedding than baby-pink, -yellow and -green. I also like ever-so-boring beige and white. There should be lots of flowers. And candles. And maybe something glittery. And I absolutely L O V E these paper lanterns, M U S T  H A V E.

Right now I would like my bouquet to be roses, light pink and yellow. We'll see how hard it is to get them. ;)

Hair is very important for me, even I'm not hairdressing too much anymore (if I ever was). My hair is very Finnish, which unfortunately is not a compliment. So I thought I would get extensions, to get my hair to look as glamorous as in these pictures. I don't want it to be too sleek, I feel more comfortable with a little bit of hippie. ;) and I wouldn't need to stress about the hair, because these styles look better as the day goes by (at least this is what they always say in the women's magazines).

I like especially the ones with the headband, they bring greek goddess in my mind. Some "greek" style can be seen also in the dress style I like:

I'm both excited and terrified about trying dresses (I didn't yet). I'm little bit afraid if there is nice dresses for "under-sized" people like me. :P In my head I would look like a 10 year old who borrowed mom's dress. I certainly hope this image will change.

Despite the fact that I'm short, I wouldn't want to wear high-heels. I want to feel comfortable and confident, and I'm not used to any stilettos...

I'm sure that these ideas will develop and change and propably some are too expensive or difficult to fulfill, but it's a start, right?

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