Friday, May 25, 2012


Morning of my graduation. I always thought it would feel more...special. That I would feel huge relief, freedom and such things. This morning feels like any other except today I get to spend the day in the sun with my friends. Maybe I can see the real value of graduating little bit later. Anyway I've been in progress of graduating for months now, so maybe that is the reason why it does not feel any different today.

It will be second time in my life that I cannot call myself student anymore. Last time I lasted one whole year in working life, we'll see how long it will take this time. I have a feeling that it will not be long, I am just not programmed for working 40 hours per week. :P

After getting a degree I think it's normal and 'appropriate' to plan carieer, try to catch a manager level job for what you were educated. Well, longer I studied management less I ever wanted to be a manager. My dream after graduating was to move abroad for longer period of time, see the world and work wherever I'm wanted. This plan was made right in the beginning of school. And now I realize I am actually making my dream come true. :)

In addition: this must seem very weird for non-Finnish person and even for some Finns too, but I have to add here Suvivirsi, a song that gets me on right mood for graduating. :D

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Destiny or coincidence?

Have you ever thought what led you in that point you are right now. I think many people have. But have you thought what was the moment or decision that changed everything? Never before in my life could I think about one decision that has influenced to all the others after that. But now it seems clear. The moment my life turned was when I decided to apply to school again. Life would be so different if I would have continued my emerging career as a hairdresser.

But because I got in school, I went for Erasmus in Cyprus. One and half year later I visited a girl I got to know in Cyprus. She is Latvian. And in Riga I met this German gentleman whose smile brightens the darkest day. Nothing happened between us then, but somehow I got stuck with the thought of getting another chance. And now I'm moving to Poland to live with him! While studying I also met some of the people that is and will be among the most important ones in my life. Actually one of them assured me about 6 months ago to go and visit this German gentleman I was talking about. ;)

Of course this is just how I wanna see it. And this is making things simple. There has been a lot of events on the way that influenced on who I am and where I am now. Right now I would not change a moment in my life, and I hope I continue feeling like that. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love overload - not possible.

Weekend in Bavaria. Feels more than few days, we've done so much, but still I don't wanna go yet. Well I guess I could stay like this forever.

Weekend full of love and baby-pink dreams. On friday I loved the weather. And sunbathing. And my boyfriend who gave me the most exciting birthday gift, my first dirndl. Cousin Müller loved Europa and all the other things (after some beers). Saturday was the wedding day. I loved the wedding. It was wonderful, beautiful and so genuine. And the couple loved each other. And I loved the wedding bouquet (apparently I have good reflexes). And cakes. And dancing. And my date.

Today it's harder to find things to love. Today is the day we go home. But I'm loving the idea that this is the last time we will go to different homes. Next time I will not leave, I will stay.

"When I get you home
I'll never let you go 
Too bad never last for long 
When I'm all alone you creep into my mind 
And I pretend it's you by my side 
 You look a little better each day to me
And you try a little harder each day to be 
Everything that I wanted in you 
And do everything that I need you to do"

Ok now, it starts to sound like cotton candy with sugar frosting. Too sweet. But I'm a girl and apparently weddings have this influence on us. <3

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Six weeks before

The morning after May Day picnic at Kaivopuisto, I'm not feeling too glorious. :P Yesterday was so much fun, these are the moments I will definetely miss while I'm far away from my friends.

When I came home (after two bottles of cava) I got dissapointing news from my boyfriend. I have to wait him for two more hours (total of four hours) in Munich airport tomorrow. I'm sick of waiting, even they say good things are worth waiting for, hyvää kannattaa odottaa. Luckily his mother will come keep me company. Nice thought, but I'm not sure who's the lucky one here. You know the deal with future-might-become-your-mother-in-laws, don't you? She is lovely tho..

I'm all excited about the weekend, but there's one huge minus in it. The weekend full of ice-hockey championships (ihanaa Leijonat ihanaa!), wedding, tennis, boyfriend's family and friends does not leave much time for us two.

Fortunately we well have all the time in the world after only six more weeks. Today I had a chat with my landlord, I am officially moving out first of June. No taking back anymore, my new home is in Wroclaw. :) Before that there's lot to do, some work, some more work, giving up all the belongings that are not necessary or that I cannot have with me, moving the rest of the stuff to my parents place, birthday, Mother's day, graduation party, fitting all the stuff that is absolutely necessery in just two suitcases...phuuuh. And some 'paper work'. It would also be good to spend some time with those most lovely friends of mine who I will not be seeing so often after June.