Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How did it happen?

Now I'm sure at least some of you are dying to know how it happened. The engagement I mean. So I will ease your curiosity and reveal some parts.

The ingredients were:
-home, just before going for our "1 year living together"-dinner
-huuuuge bouquet of red roses
-the most beautiful speech I've ever heard
-my favourite love song "Ja" by Silbermond
-one very nervous boyfriend <3

As I don't ever wear jewelry, my boyfriend wanted to ask me whether I would like to have a ring or not. We decided that we want to show everybody that we belong to each other, so the next day we bought very beautiful rings for both of us. I'm still getting used to wear the ring, but I have to admit that it looks very nice. <3

Und Ja ich atme dich
Ja ich brenn' für dich
Und Ja ich leb' für dich...jeden Tag
Und Ja ich liebe dich
Und Ja ich schwör' auf dich und jede meiner
Fasern sagt Ja

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