Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our wedding venue.

As I have mentioned before, our wedding take place here in Wroclaw. I've already heard few comments wondering why here (especially from my Polish friends). You see, in Poland it is apparently a tradition to have the wedding in bride's home town.

Well, we have few (good) reasons why it will be Wroclaw:
  • it's almost as far from both of ours home
  • everything is cheaper (so much more food & booze!)
  • we live here, so it's easier to organize all
  • and it's the place were we fell in love
Enough reasons already...? ;)

When we first started to think where exactly the wedding would take place, we were checking some wedding venues close to Wroclaw. The plus in these places would be that they have ready packages with food, music etc. so it should be quite easy. And someone has already thought that the place is suitable for wedding.

Well, we decided we don't want easy. :D you see, it is also a minus if everything is ready. There's not so much space for personality then. Plus it's expensive (even here).

So my fiancé had an idea - we could have the wedding at his work. Now, I know, this sounds terrible. But his office building is not the common one. It's huge, very old, almost castle like, house. With a pretty garden. First I was not sure about this idea, but when I started to think it more I started to really like it: it's close, it's free (almost at least), we can decide which catering we want to use, the band, decoration, everything! More work for us of course, but the wedding will be truly "us". :)

We have already asked whether our idea would be possible. And the boss said yes! So now we are only waiting for the very final decision, but it looks good.

The plan would be to have both the ceremony and the party after in the garden. In case of some rain we would have one or two tents, so that the dining and ceremony "areas" would be covered. And if it's really stormy or freezing (should not be in June, but never say never) we could also be inside.


  1. Oh, I do adore outdoor weddings! Any chance of a sneak peek on the venue? The second picture looks lovely, especially with the creek as the backdrop. Happy planning!


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