Thursday, January 31, 2013

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day*

Long time, no see... I've had some kind of crisis about what to write here, so the result was not writing at all. Sorry. As in so many other things (believe it or not) I overthink; I come up with an idea and then abandon it because I think it's stupid, too personal or nobody cares. But I guess you would not be reading if you wouldn't be interested. ;) So I'm gonna report from here, Starbuck's, where I'm hiding our cleaning lady every Thursday. Life's tough...

Sooo, what have I been doing lately? Apart from the life that's becoming a norm for me aka housegirlfriending, I have had a real job interview! Actually two (part l & part ll), in the same company, and we are waiting for results. I have pretty good chances to get the job, since they need a Finnish speaker and there's not too many of us here. But "pessimisti ei pety" (pessimist won't get dissapointed), as the famous Finnish saying goes, so I refuse to believe I could get the place, before I'm actually writing my name in the papers. Anyway more about that if I get the job. If not, don't bother asking about it. :P

Two weeks ago we were visiting my maybe-future-parents-in-law in Germany. It was a very nice weekend, once again I felt like in my third home. On Saturday we were in a huge techno party, and I got to know that my "good" old alcohol using habits are still there, even I've been very nicely here in Poland. I blame Finland and Finnish culture for this (not you mom and dad). So I decided to keep away from alcohol for undefined period of time, until I've learned the limits of sophisticated drinking (never?)...

And back to happier subjects: winter came and winter went away. Which means here is now lovely spring weather: sunny and +8 degrees. Reminds me of the winter in Cyprus. Propably the winter will "surprise" us at least once more this year, but I don't mind taking a break from it. :)

In addition to hanging out in coffee places, cooking, reading (3rd part of Hunger Games), job hunting and couchpotatoing with my love, I have finally started to refresh my memory in German. I found amazing web page, with soooo much material. Who needs expensive courses or books, when you have internet and a personal tutor. ;)

Update: I got the job!

*Quote by A. A. Milne

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Last year my dreams came true, so this year I promise I will do my everything to cherish what I have.

So went Christmas. It was a wonderful Christmas, despite the fact that my family is far away and there was no snow in here. We spent three days eating, watching DVDs, playing, eating...oh, and eating a bit more. Just the two of us. Wonderful. <3 Not that we would not have time for us, but nothing just seems to be enough. ;) I must have been very nice last year, I got so many wonderful presents...

One of them was weekend-trip to Berlin right after Christmas. We went to see some ice hockey (go ERC!), it was a tough and entertaining game. We also wandered around the city, had few cocktails, met a friend and ate Thai food, which seems to be very hard to get from Wroclaw. Maybe the best part of the surprise was that on Saturday evening we returned to o2 World, where the ice hockey was, to see Voice of Germany-concert. We were watching the show earlier on TV, and I really liked the winner, so my boyfriend thought I should see him live. It was so nice, has been too long time since last live-concert.

From Berlin we drove straight to Wroclaw's airport to pick up my cousin, who came to spend the New Year's with us. She had the honor to be first guest after my parents. And I think she really liked it here. So come, come and see the wonderful Poland! ;)

We had New Year's Eve's party at friend's place. Before that we were enjoying some traditional "nakkeja ja perunasalaattia" aka small bratwursts and self-made potato salad (much better than market crap, and very easy to make). The party was very pleasant: interesting new people, food, drinks, music and we even saw the fireworks from the balcony. This was my first NYE abroad, and with this experience I say that at least here in Poland the celebrations are (maybe a bit too much) similar than in lovely home-Finland.

My cousin was spending here almost a week, so we took her around the city, played Scrabble (good for your brains, I've heard) and Tasku-Mölkky, ate very well, did some serious shopping and partied, of course. It was so refreshing to have someone from Finland here!