Friday, July 19, 2013

Language challenges.

As you can imagine the language is quite big question in our wedding. Ceremony in Poland for German-Finnish couple who communicate mostly in English. Like there is not enough to think about in wedding planning in general. ;)

First of all, apparently due to some legal stuff, the wedding ceremony will be in Polish. In order for us both to understand where we are putting ourselfs into, there has to be sworn translator to translate the ceremony. What we are not 100% sure of is whether it could be translated in English. But as finding a German translator from Poland where the second most spoken language after Polish seems to be German is not too difficult, we will most likely have one. But. What comes to Finnish then? Well, you might already guess it is not very common in Poland to know Finnish, not even in this city that seems to be full of people who "loooove" Finland. But for objectivity I would really like to have the ceremony translated into my own language too. And also for the sake of some family members and friends whose English/German is a bit rusty.

I have been asking around in this Polish-Finnish translator matter. Belive it or not, there is a Polish person living in Wroclaw who actually really knows Finnish. But unfortunately he is not "sworn translator" in Poland. So now we will have to check if his Finnish certification would be enough.

Also I received a list of translators from the embassy of Finland in Warsaw. I have to go through those names, but none of them are here, so it might cost a LOT of money to get them travelling...

We'll see. I hope we will figure this out somehow. Maybe we will have translated leaflets of the ceremony for the guests, like subtitles. :D

In general we would like to have the wedding in two languages, i.e invitations, menu, ceremony. Of course we have to be flexible with this and for example music will propably be mostly in English.

In the end, I'm sure no matter what the mother tongue is everyone will for sure understand what we are celebrating.

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