Friday, July 5, 2013

The List

No, this is not about the guest list for the wedding. This is about another very important list.

As some of you might know my boyfriend, *krhhm* fiancé, has about the coolest job in the world. He has opportunity to travel and see the world and someone is paying for that. This means that we will move to a new country every now and then, usually every 4 years. Next summer he's been living here in Wroclaw for four years and it's time to move on. Where - that we don't know yet.

And this is what THE LIST is about. Very soon we are supposed to receive a list of open positions around the world for next year. And from this list we will choose about 10 destinations where we would like to go. Exciting? Definetely!

For now we have the whole world open - we are not too picky where to move. I would like it to be quite warm country, and I would like there to be "normal" living conditions and some work opportunities for me too. With this I mean that we will propably not move to a country where women and men have very inequal rights. And we will propably not move to Siberia. Also in our wish list has been to move outside of Europe. As you can imagine our parents are not too glad about that. But we would not stay far forever, just for few years. ;)

Where would you go if you could live (almost) anywhere?

Where will we move? We'll see...


  1. Vooooi, Hong Kong tai Singapore! Jos ei kerta Puolaan ehditä, niin tuonne varmasti :) Terkuin, Nelli Keuruulta, joka edelleen lukee sun postauksia hirmu ahkeraan! (:

  2. Joooo, molemmat kuulostaa hyvältä! Ja kyllä tännekin vielä kerkiää! ;) ihana kuulla, että joku lukee. Jos vaikka kirjottelis vähän useemminkin. :D

  3. Täytyy varmaan ruveta bongailee lentotarjouksia syksylle ;)