Sunday, August 25, 2013

We have a band!

We've been looking for a band for the wedding some weeks now. First my fiance was asking from his work contacts if someone knows some nice band. But unfortunately all of them were either already booked (!) or way out of our budget.

After that I found maaany bands from internet, and sent maaany messages for them. The first one who answered was Tweenings. Their price was affortable and we like their sound. They also have a lot of English songs in their repertuar. So we did not need to think much further. After that I received many answers but we had already made the decision.

Last Thursday we met the vocalist; she was very nice, and seemed like a professional. We have actually heard them playing, they sometimes play in the city center. But at that time we did not know who they are.

I'm sure they will help us to create perfect party :)

Ps. They even agreed to play one song in German, but unfortunately no Finnish that will be guests responsibility then ;)

Here & here you can listen some songs.

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