Thursday, August 22, 2013


I love surprises I love lots of things nowdays. And I've found the perfect man on my side who loves to suprise me. <3 Sometimes rarely I feel a bit guilty because I'm not very good in organizing surprises, or at least I suck in keeping any secrets :P

Yesterday I got two, both of them including Berlin. It's a bit funny how before last year I never visited Berlin and now in 1,5 years I've been there so often that I lost count. I really like Berlin, there's food, interesting events, interesting looking people, interesting buidings... I could imagine living there someday which is likely to happen, but for some reason I still don't have a clear picture of the city. Maybe it's because I was always trusting the navigation skills of my travel guide, following him blindly, or maybe it's because Berlin does not have a clear city center. Anyway, this makes it more interesting to go again and again. It seems like going to different city every time as we always have a bit different reason to go and we are staying in different places.

So what about the surprices then? First one was that we will go to Berlin for a weekend that is not yet decided, who wants to join? and sleep in Scubes in the middle of Berlin. Not the common hotel/hostel accomodation, is it? Will be interesting for sure. I wonder if I will then know how the aquarium fish feel like. 

The other surprise was that my fiance bought us tickets for Saturday in Berlin Festival! And I will get to see Ellie Goulding finally! We were thinking about this festival already earlier this summer, but for some reason buried the idea. Cannot remember why... But now I'm so happyhappy and cannot wait to go! Also the fiance has some entertainment for himslef as Paul Kalkbrenner will be there too. ;)

Maybe I can make my Berlin picture clearer with these two upcoming trips. And if not that's ok too.

Ellie Goulding - Burn

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