Monday, August 26, 2013

The dress.

Do you remember my first inspiration post? There I was dreaming about a dress that would be kinda simple, sleek, Greek goddess like. But along the way ~6 weeks :D I started to like more and more "classic" style. And with this I mean a bit bigger dress, with slim upper part and quite big skirt.

On Saturday we went to see this wedding outlet that I'd heard of. It's about 10 kilometers from Wroclaw, in a small village. I heard that you can buy dresses there in half price from the ones in the boutiques in city. So of course I had to see it.

I was being sceptic though, because all the dresses were suppose to be the same size, and I did not think that it would fit. So we went there with not too high hopes. The outlet was very far from my image of outlets - it was a small building on the sales person's backyard. I was also expecting there to be a buzzle on Saturday afternoon. But no, luckily we were the only ones.

After showing some pictures of dresses I liked the sales lady brought me some for trying. She was saying right in the beginning that she does not have these Greek-style delicate, elegant dresses. But I still wanted to try something. Apparently the lady thought that the dresses in the shop would be too big for me, so she brought some special ones from the house. But like often happens, I'm not so petite as people think :D so the first dresses were too tight. As we had "a small" language barrier me not speaking Polish and the woman knowing two words of English and a bit of German I could not really tell what I liked in the dresses and what not. Well, actually I did not really like the first dresses...

Then I saw one dress hanging there, ready to be tried. And immediately I knew I would like it. So I tried it and it was perfect despite the fact that I should wear 12cm heels that it wouldn't be too long. It fit very well, thanks to the corset on the back love it! It was beautiful! All my fears of looking like a 5 year old stuck in her mother's dress flew out from the window. That was it, I had to have it even it was nothing like the ones I was first thinking. The only thing I was thinking was that "I was not supposed to buy the dress on the first attempt!" but then I thought why not. Who says I shouldn't. So I did. And I'm so happy. It's gorgeous. ;)


There will be no pictures, because I don't want to reveal such a big thing already now. And the few pictures taken quickly in the shop, wouldn't do justice to the dress. But if you want you can try to guess which one it is, it's on the outlet webpage at least for now. ;)


  1. en kestä jos se on tää!! Oon kuolannut tota mekkoa ikuisuuden! :D t.Laura D

    1. Ei oo se, olisin kovasti halunnut kokeilla tota. :) Mut se on jo myyty.