Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Few recommendations in Entebbe.

Some time back, when my family was visiting us, we spent a night in Entebbe. We stayed at Papyrus Guesthouse, a wonderful small hotel close to the airport. It exceeded my expectations, and even though (as it seems to always be in here) the hotel might be a tiny bit overpriced, I would definitely stay there again. The service was superfriendly right from the start - we were greeted by at least three people before we even got out of the car. :D They also had an airport shuttle service, which we used to pick up my family.

The rooms were light, clean and spacious, and very nicely furnished. The breakfast was served at their little terrace, and even pouring rain did not bother us. Breakfast was what I would call (with my half a year experience) African style: first fruits, then your choice of eggs/pancakes/toast/bacon/sausage plus fresh juice and terrible coffee. ;) So if you're not expecting a full continental breakfast buffet and a proper cappuccino, but more something that fits a small family hotel, you won't be disappointed.

We chose a restaurant called Gorettie's pizzeria & bar based on a colleagues recommendation, and it was really wonderful place, located right next to the lake. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, I felt almost like I would be back in Zanzibar or some other beach holiday destination. Too bad that one should not enter the water - at least not if you don't want to catch something called bilharzia.  

Food was far from spectacular, but it was quite tasty and filled our bellies. Anyhow, I would recommend to check this place, even just for a beer or two (which I, obviously, left for the other customers). Oh, and we did see an ambassador of some country sitting in the next table, so it must be a good place then, right?

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