Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Serious shit.

So I'm again without job, "bezrobotna". I quit the cleaning job at the hostel and Sunday was my last day. Might be that it was the stupidest decision in a while. But seems that the older I get, the more short-tempered I get. At least when it comes to my happiness. So if I'm unhappy about something, I want to change it immediately. I guess in some things this could be good character, but maybe next time I could give it a few more days. Life is not always perfect and working is not always nice, but (almost) everyone has to do it.

Well anyway, my original idea was to work at the hostel not more than until December (when I will come to Finland for 10 days, jippiiii!) so the amount of money I "lost" is something like 200 euros. Of course now that I've been without a proper job for a while, all the money would be welcome. And the job was not soooo shitty (haha). And actually now I've realized that for this kind of job, I got good money. (Salaries are unbelievably low here.) But what's done is done, and it will not make it any better to cry over milk that's already spilled. I guess I could ask the job back, but I'm way too proud to do that.

For the last two months I've applied every job that I could possibly get, and even some of those that I will propably never get. I don't know if I have bad luck, bad application, bad CV or what, but I have not got any offers so far... Or actually I've had two calls, but the jobs would be in Katowice (170km from Wroclaw) and in Krakow (240km). First I thought that no way I'm moving, but now it starts to seem like it's either some other city here or Helsinki. I can give it couple of months more, but then I seriously need a job.

In the beginning I thought that if I will not get a job here 'till end of October, I could go back to Helsinki for some weeks to work as a waitress in these Pre-Christmas parties we love to have. But already after some days it was clear, that leaving is the very last and worst choice. Not that I would not like to live in Finland, but my home is where my love is and it would break my heart to leave.

The main thing getting a job is of course getting money for living, but I realized that being unemployed here has some other consequences also. After next May I will not have Finnish social security (public health insurance), but if I don't get a real job in here, I cannot get social security from Poland either. Also I'm starting to worry how it looks like for potential employers that I did not work in months...

So let's all keep our "peukut ja pottuvarpaat pystyssä", that I would here some good news soon.

Otherwise everything is perfect and there has not been even a minute when I would have regretted moving here. <3

And if there is some you that are in the same situation now, I found this encouraging writing. :)

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