Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mówisz po polsku?

Today I wrote fifteen sentences in Polish! Wuhuuu!

Lately I've noticed that apparently I do not look very different to Polish girls. Almost everyday somebody asks something in Polish when I'm on my way to work. Of course it could be that people are just assuming there cannot be anyone non-Polish speaker living here... But Polish girls are usually pretty, so let's stick with that theory. ;)

My answer to these questions has changed from I "I don't speak Polish" to "Nie mówie po polsku" (I don't speak Polish) and even "Nie wiem" (I don't know; because usually I have no idea where this street and that office is). I hope I'm able to develope my skills a bit more. :P
 I have been told, without even exaggerating much, about hundred times how hard language Polish is. Mostly by Polish, but foreigners tell me this too. I invented my very own answer to that; "I heard Finnish is one of the hardest languages in the world, I learned that, so I think I'm able to learn Polish too". Funny or not, you can decide. Truth is that Polish is hard, like any other language I've learned (or tried to learn). There is so many rules, so much to remember, and then when you finally think you got it, "just a few" exceptions. As I might have mentioned before, the pronunciation is not so hard once you get that you are not suppose to pronounce every consonant. You can easily skip every other... :D Obviously I have no idea how good or bad my Polish sounds or if it even sounds like Polish at all, so maybe it's the safest to ask advice from someone else.
 Now that I've learned some useful words and phrases, I should start using them. And that is the problem for me. You see, I'm not the person who tries every new word right away like a kid. I am the person who wants it to sound perfect. And it never will. So I cannot even order my food in restaurant in Polish (or German) because I might make a mistake. That's why I like writing, I can think and check before I publish anything. So if somebody has solution for this mental problem I would be really glad to hear it. Somehow I got over this problem with English...maybe that was the exception. :D
Funny thing here (or not so funny anymore) is that often people ask if I speak German or if I'm learning it. Well of course it could sound like a rational question to some people, but lately it started to irritate me. Why would I learn German? We are in Poland, for God's sake. I'm learning Polish, isn't that obvious? And if (when) they ask this because my boyfriend is German, why nobody ever assumes him learning Finnish (except as a joke)? I'm sorry about this sudden burst of annoyance, I promise I will learn to speak German when we live there. :P (Actually I think German skills would help me to get a job here...) Anyway I enjoy studying Polish, and I'm sure I will enjoy learning German someday too. ;) Fifteen year old me would never believe her ears if she would hear this...

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