Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Goodbye September, hello October.

Last weekend I saw my first Borussia Dortmund game live. I have propably mentioned before that my boyfriend is HUGE football fan, so he wanted to take me to Dortmund to see his favourite team. Trip was kinda crazy because of the travel schedules. We flew to Germany on Saturday morning and already on Saturday night we were on our way back to Poland. We reached Poznan at 8 on Sunday morning, had a small breakfast and continued to Wroclaw.

I think it was more interesting to see the game live, but next time I want to sleep in bed... (The train seats were not that bad, but anyway.) I also had some difficulties to see the first half because we got tickets for the standing zone. And I was afraid that someone will spill beer on me or fall into my neck. So next time: proper seats. :P Before the game we went to Borussia Dortmund's fan shop (and got out without buying anything!) and Borusseum, a museum about the team.

The result was satisfying.
When we arrived to Dortmund we had fantastic breakfast in Rigoletto. If you ever find yourself in Dortmund, go there! :)

Art in Poznan.

Morning sun in Poznan.

 Today was a national holiday in Germany, Tag der Deutschen Einheit. Which means that they celebrate the reunification of West and East Germany that happened 3 of October 1990. For us it meant a day off from work, breakfast together and going for a cocktail party held in the consulate. The weather was perfect, sunny and 20 degrees (what autumn?!).

The adult costume.

To celebrate the possibly last day of summer we had a small Mölkky competition in the park near our home. We got some curious glances from the people passing by... During the game we got an idea to organize Mölkky championships for the CouchSurfers here in Wroclaw.

P.S. I won!

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