Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm not so much of a Halloween person. I'm scared of the vampires, zombies and witches. I also cannot understand why would you wanna eat black spaghetti or sausages that look like fingers. Or spidermuffins or punch with eyeballs... Anyway. This year I wanted to carve my very first Halloween-pumpkin. Actually it came out pretty nice. :)

The insides of mister Pumpkin I used for soup. Which did not come out so good. There must have been something wrong in the recipe or the pumkin meat, because I don't make bad food. ;)

We also bought some smaller pumpkins for decoration, they don't cost too much here. I don't know where this sudden decoration fever came from... :D Actually I'm waiting for Christmas already, I wanna cover the whole house with red and green and golden and glitter. And little gnomes and candles and Christmas lights.......

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