Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exploring foreign food cultures.

While my boyfriend was in Madrid watching football, I had more then enough time to test my cooking skills. Only problem was that I had to eat everything myself...

I decided that pierogies, traditional Polish dish, would give me enough challenge. Pierogies are small pastries filled with savory or sweet stuff. Something like ravioli. They are boiled in hot water, so the look of the pastry is not so delicious. But the taste is what counts, right. I've also heard it's possible to fry them to get some color, I have to try that next time.

Basic ingredients for pierogi are very simple: the dough is made from wheat flour, salt, water/milk and oil. Making the dough was not very hard, but took some time. The most popular filling is something called "Ruskie": smashed potatoes, onion and "sour" cheese called twaróg. Of course this was not challenge big enough for a master chef like me. :D So I also made mushroom-sauerkraut-onion filling and for dessert a filling from berries and twaróg. What happened was that in the end I had huge, I mean huuuuge amount of fillings and I had to make more and more dough. I can remember the recipe for the rest of my life. :D Finally I was ready after six hours of pierogi making. I had to divide the work for two days...

The result was, well, 50 something pierogies. And they tasted good, at least in the beginning. :P Could be that I will never make pierogi again, but at least I tried once! (Except that I already made up some variations in my mind, like Christmas-pierogi, filled with plum jam.)

All you need for pierogi dough.

Fillings for my pierogies.

Patience, patience....

Almost ready!

There they are - my cute little pierogies! "Limaista, mutta maukasta."

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