Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bayerisch is stylisch.

Last weekend was for sure one of the best ones this year. (This year has had maybe 50 best weekends of my life in total.) Our "hitchhiker" turned out to be a really nice guy, who had been travelling a lot and spoke excellent English. So the first hours of the journey went quickly while chatting. Hopefully we will meet this guy again here in Wroclaw. Lately I have met quite a lot of people who have been hitchhiking and in general I would say it's more "normal" here than in Finland. I've never before thought about travelling by hitchhiking, but now I'm actually a bit curious to try that. So we have been playing with the idea with my boyfriend. We'll see if we will carry out this plan some day...

On Saturday my preconceptions about techno parties vanished like a fart in Sahara. People looked as normal as in any Saturday night party, they were drinking beer like in any other party and gathering on the dancefloor when they were drunk enough. :D No neon colors, no glow-in-the-dark items, no weird clothes with ropes and strings hanging, no hair like the Prodigy-guy.... Before I was wondering how on earth is it possible to dance techno music. But apparently it is! I just don't have any idea how I did it... I have to admit that I really enjoyed my time on the dancefloor, but it is still a long way for me to really like techno. (And it's also a long way for me to dance when I'm sober...) And I do still think that most of the techno songs sounds the same: first comes the bass, then the DJ takes the bass away and then the music gets louder and then the song reaches it's peak and then people are like "Yay!" and then the same bass comes back. And this repeats again and again and again.... :D (This is just my opinion, don't get mad.) Example can be found here.

On Saturday and Sunday we were playing Mölkky with some German friends, and now they are totally hooked. ;) Apparently German girls have natural talent in this game (unlike me)... I think I should get some kind of commission from the Mölkky company, because I'm making it known outside of Finland. Mölkky was one of the lovely surprises that my boyfriend have given me, he ordered it from Amazon (we could not find it from Poland...) and there it was waiting for us in Germany. <3

Sunday was also ice hockey day, and after a really exciting game, ERC won! The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing as always. ERC has propably the best fans in the world. ;) And everytime I feel more and more comfotable to be there with them (I even think I know couple of songs already). After the game we had dinner in Italian restaurant with my boyfriend's siblings and their boy- and girlfriends. I'm glad I've had so warm welcome in this family, even thou we sometimes don't have common language. And I'm really proud of my boyfriend's sister who is speaking much more English now than on the first times I met her. Also their grandma is really trying her best with English which is quite unbeliavable (she has studied English in school, 70 years ago). And now I feel guilty not trying more with my German.... Maybe someday.

Monday was Oktoberfest day. It was raining half of the day, but that did not bother us. We still got to go to rollercoaster and Ferris wheel and I got my beer. And we got to see the drunken tourists. :P So we had fun, but for next time I wish better weather and more time. :) (..and cheaper beer but I guess that ain't gonna happen.) And I got another super-cute surprise, Lebkuchenherz!

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