Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Woman cries before the wedding and man after.*"

Like said earlier, this week we've been searching venue for our wedding. We got invitation to check special wedding Sunday organized in one of the hotels we visited earlier. This was first time they organized such event, and I have to say that it is brilliant idea. They've prepared the room with all the decorations, they had tasting free lunch, yei!, few exhibitors and some dance shows. Even the burleski was not exactly what we want to have in our wedding, I think in general this was very nice event, and will for sure have influence in the decision of many couples. 

We also had tour around the hotel, and got to see the wedding suite (which is included to the price). They have pretty nice roof terrace too, that could be available for our use. 

After some negotiation between me and the much more generous fiance, I feel a bit less terrified about the prices. After all wedding is once-in-a-lifetime-thing. And anyways, I want it to be a nice party with good food and smooth service, so I guess I have to be ready to pay for that. Only thing that we did not agree quite yet, is the alcohol....or more like the price of it "Who will know that we bought the cheapest Polish vodka?!". I guess there is some Finnish stinginess in me. Maybe we balance each other just perfectly. :P

Despite the salty price, we both were more than happy with Qubus-hotel's service, and also the menu sounds (and tastes) quite delicious. I'm even starting to warm up for the idea of having huuuuge amount of food, like proper Polish wedding should. So dear guests, one thing is sure, you will not be hungry! :D

It is not 100% certain yet, but it looks like we might have found our place! :))

*Polish proverb...

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