Sunday, September 29, 2013

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” *

This week has been extraordinary, very different from the normal work, gym, cooking, dvd-cycle which I happen to like very much, but it's good to shake up things sometimes. :P First of all I only had two days of work, and after Wednesday's office I got to start my long-time-waited mini-holiday. The reason for the holiday was that I had the pleasure of welcoming my very dear friend, my maid of honor for a visit. Last time we met was in March, quite exactly half a year ago. And oh gosh, there was a lot to talk about ! I really would have wanted her to stay I was almost planning to call her work and tell that she is on sick leave or something, but unfortunetaly after two wonderful days I had to let her go for now. (I hope that my newest acquaintance Whatsapp will help us to keep in touch more often. I have given up with the never-ending flood of new social networking apps and web sites, but this seems pretty useful. :))

Let's say, I've been very satisfied in the life situation that I have now, I might say that I'm actually happier than ever, but having a good friend over reminded me about the importance of having friends and keeping in touch with them. (Because who am I kidding, I have not tried my best lately). Nothing can compare to a friend who knows where you are coming from, who knows all the darkest secrets which I of course don't have, and to whom you can tell things that the boyfriend does not want to hear :P It's so refreshing to get other perpective on things that are going on in your life.

I know I'm not the best in keeping friends, and especially now when I'm living far away from them, it's very challenging. Even we have all the possibilities with internet to form friendships even without ever meeting. Still it seems somehow difficult with the friends you used to meet face to face. Luckily, with good friends it always feels like we met just last week, even it was six months ago.

And I guess it is normal that friendships come and go, but there is some I wish would stay forever.


I guess I am kind of unsocial person, I like to be with me and myself and I've never had huge group of friends. But now that I'm so used to being with another person feeling of loneliness hits harder than it did before. We, me and Wolfi have been together very tightly since I moved here, but today he left for training in Berlin. Now I realize how much I would want a friend whose door I could just knock anytime. I guess tomorrow I should start making some... ;)

Our Sunday breakfast

I was trying to figure out things that I like to do and cannot do with my boyfriend. Now I would finally have time for those things. But after two days of thinking zero things came to my mind. I guess we are just one of those yuckily sweet couples who loves to do everything together. ;)

Ok well, I can do two things: I can watch TV-series with Finnish subtitles (or of course Finnish TV-series, but no thanks :D I know, I'm so unpatriotic) and I can eat Turkin Pippuri as much as I want without anyone complaining how my kisses taste bad.

*Quote: A. A. Milne

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