Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bumps in the road.

Yesterday we had a "little" setback conserning our wedding.
The place where we were supposed to have the whole party, my fiace's workplace, is not possible after all. Apparently there is some administrative issues...

So, now we would need to find a new place before everything will be booked for next summer. I was already so into this garden party thing, that it's a bit hard for me to change my mind. But we'll see...

Easiest would be to have the wedding in some hotel here in Wroclaw: we wouldn't need to move people too far and we could still have the ceremony in the garden (for this we apparently have permission). Also organizing would probably be very smooth, when the hotel could provide catering etc.

But the garden.... :'(

We will meet with some of the event organizers in the hotels near by to see what they can offer. I hope it'll all turn out just fine...

As I'm a big time worrier about existing and non-existing problems I wanted to remind myself:

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