Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh, Berlin!

As I wrote before, my wonderful fiance got us tickets to Berlin Festival, and there it was, perfect reason to spemd another weekend in Berlin. It seems now that it might have been the last summer weekend for this year - and what a delightful weekend was it!

First of all the weather was P-E-R-F-E-C-T, could not have been better for some city touring and festival.
On Friday I finally got to see the Berlin everyone seems to be fussing about. My personal Berlin guide decided to show me something different this time, so we took the S-Bahn to Warschauer Straße. And there it was the noisy, graffiti covered party animal heaven with the crowd looking so weird it must be trendy. Oh, I wish someone would have showed me this when I was in my party phase. :P Bars after bars looking all so interesting you just couldn't stop staring. Something for every flavor.

We, as a people who prefer to get up when these crazies are still partying, skipped this time and just had a nice dinner observing others. Maybe next time some more party party.

On Saturday, as we were up so early at 7.30am :D thanks to taking it easy the night before, we wanted to do something before breakfast. So we were walking around, towards Alexanderplatz when Wolfi revealed that he never visited the most important tourist attraction no.2 in Berlin after Brandenburg Tor, the TV-tower! As I'm afraid of heights I was never too excited to get up there, but I agreed that if it's not too expensive we can go. At 9 in the morning the line was not too long and the price was affordable (with the 48-hours public transportation ticket we received some discount and paid ~10 euros per person). The view was worth it, so I do recommed to do this once when visiting Berlin. You can really see from the style of the buildings where the former East and West were. They also have interesting stories how each district has been developing. After the breathtaking views we took the elevator down and had already tradition-like breakfast in Alex. Later we went for some shopping aaaah German cosmentic shops!! and then we headed back to our apartment for a nap before the festival.

The Berlin Festival was very pleasant experience. In addition to interesting artists they had all kinds of food very important! : American hot dogs, noodles, burger, vege hot dogs, dampfschwein (pulled pork), ice cream, waffles, smoothies... Juuust a little bit different than the food section in the other festival we were this summer: Silesia in Love offered kielbasa and kielbasa with bread. :P

The area of the festival was of course extraordinary. It's an old airport terminal building, used last time in 2008. I had kind of a spooky feeling entering to unused airport; all the check-in counters and signs are still there, just the staff, stressed people with their suitcases and the planes are missing. Some might know that I love that kind of spookiness :D

They also had some art projects going on in the festival and one corner was reserved for this. All kinds of strange and stranger things could be seen and bought. It's cool that they have thought of something else than "just" music.

 And what about the music? Well, after the beginning with some technical problems Ellie Goulding was perfect. Ah I love that voice. Maybe it was the time of the day (afternoon) or I don't know what but the crowd did not seem super-exited though... We found some new stuff too: Dillon's Tip Tapping is still in my head and I also wanted to listen more of S O H N and German hip-hop miracle Casper. We of course also listened a bit of White Lies, My Bloody Valentine and ever-so-freaky Björk, but those were not really my cup of tea. Suprisingly however the finale of Fritz Kalkbrenner was. He made a superb party ending for the day. I'm afraid that the techno brainwash is working...

On Sunday we headed back to Simon-Dach-Straße in Friedrichshain to have breakfast. After Saturday's enourmous buffet-breakfast we unlike usually wanted something small... I never would have guessed that I would have an issue of finding a place that does NOT offer brunch buffet! The street is brunch lovers heaven! And after passing at least six restaurants offering all kinds of things you could possibly imagine having for breakfast we gave up and sat down to the terrace of Habana. And had the huuuge breakfast we were so not supposed to have. :D well, at least I know where I'm gonna go next time when I'm in Berlin: I wanna try them all! Maybe some magazine would pay me making reviews of every brunch.....

After the breakfast lunch we waddled around observing all the weird things for all the weird people who live in Berlin please note that by saying weird I don't necessarily mean anything negative. 

Salami pillows for vegetarians who love meat @Berlin's first textile butchery.
I'm already waiting what kind of Berlin we see next time. Who wants to join? ;)

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