Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Six weeks before

The morning after May Day picnic at Kaivopuisto, I'm not feeling too glorious. :P Yesterday was so much fun, these are the moments I will definetely miss while I'm far away from my friends.

When I came home (after two bottles of cava) I got dissapointing news from my boyfriend. I have to wait him for two more hours (total of four hours) in Munich airport tomorrow. I'm sick of waiting, even they say good things are worth waiting for, hyvää kannattaa odottaa. Luckily his mother will come keep me company. Nice thought, but I'm not sure who's the lucky one here. You know the deal with future-might-become-your-mother-in-laws, don't you? She is lovely tho..

I'm all excited about the weekend, but there's one huge minus in it. The weekend full of ice-hockey championships (ihanaa Leijonat ihanaa!), wedding, tennis, boyfriend's family and friends does not leave much time for us two.

Fortunately we well have all the time in the world after only six more weeks. Today I had a chat with my landlord, I am officially moving out first of June. No taking back anymore, my new home is in Wroclaw. :) Before that there's lot to do, some work, some more work, giving up all the belongings that are not necessary or that I cannot have with me, moving the rest of the stuff to my parents place, birthday, Mother's day, graduation party, fitting all the stuff that is absolutely necessery in just two suitcases...phuuuh. And some 'paper work'. It would also be good to spend some time with those most lovely friends of mine who I will not be seeing so often after June.

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