Friday, May 25, 2012


Morning of my graduation. I always thought it would feel more...special. That I would feel huge relief, freedom and such things. This morning feels like any other except today I get to spend the day in the sun with my friends. Maybe I can see the real value of graduating little bit later. Anyway I've been in progress of graduating for months now, so maybe that is the reason why it does not feel any different today.

It will be second time in my life that I cannot call myself student anymore. Last time I lasted one whole year in working life, we'll see how long it will take this time. I have a feeling that it will not be long, I am just not programmed for working 40 hours per week. :P

After getting a degree I think it's normal and 'appropriate' to plan carieer, try to catch a manager level job for what you were educated. Well, longer I studied management less I ever wanted to be a manager. My dream after graduating was to move abroad for longer period of time, see the world and work wherever I'm wanted. This plan was made right in the beginning of school. And now I realize I am actually making my dream come true. :)

In addition: this must seem very weird for non-Finnish person and even for some Finns too, but I have to add here Suvivirsi, a song that gets me on right mood for graduating. :D

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