Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love overload - not possible.

Weekend in Bavaria. Feels more than few days, we've done so much, but still I don't wanna go yet. Well I guess I could stay like this forever.

Weekend full of love and baby-pink dreams. On friday I loved the weather. And sunbathing. And my boyfriend who gave me the most exciting birthday gift, my first dirndl. Cousin Müller loved Europa and all the other things (after some beers). Saturday was the wedding day. I loved the wedding. It was wonderful, beautiful and so genuine. And the couple loved each other. And I loved the wedding bouquet (apparently I have good reflexes). And cakes. And dancing. And my date.

Today it's harder to find things to love. Today is the day we go home. But I'm loving the idea that this is the last time we will go to different homes. Next time I will not leave, I will stay.

"When I get you home
I'll never let you go 
Too bad never last for long 
When I'm all alone you creep into my mind 
And I pretend it's you by my side 
 You look a little better each day to me
And you try a little harder each day to be 
Everything that I wanted in you 
And do everything that I need you to do"

Ok now, it starts to sound like cotton candy with sugar frosting. Too sweet. But I'm a girl and apparently weddings have this influence on us. <3

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