Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Destiny or coincidence?

Have you ever thought what led you in that point you are right now. I think many people have. But have you thought what was the moment or decision that changed everything? Never before in my life could I think about one decision that has influenced to all the others after that. But now it seems clear. The moment my life turned was when I decided to apply to school again. Life would be so different if I would have continued my emerging career as a hairdresser.

But because I got in school, I went for Erasmus in Cyprus. One and half year later I visited a girl I got to know in Cyprus. She is Latvian. And in Riga I met this German gentleman whose smile brightens the darkest day. Nothing happened between us then, but somehow I got stuck with the thought of getting another chance. And now I'm moving to Poland to live with him! While studying I also met some of the people that is and will be among the most important ones in my life. Actually one of them assured me about 6 months ago to go and visit this German gentleman I was talking about. ;)

Of course this is just how I wanna see it. And this is making things simple. There has been a lot of events on the way that influenced on who I am and where I am now. Right now I would not change a moment in my life, and I hope I continue feeling like that. :)

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