Friday, October 11, 2013

Well planned is half done.

I guess now would be good time to update the wedding planning situation. ;) That it would not be too dry with only text, you can see our newest decorations well, ok some old stuff too at home as illustration.

Last week we signed first agreement with Qubus Hotel that was already mentioned here some time ago. So the issue of venue changing has been solved. :) The ceremony is still supposed to be in the consulate; let's hope it'll be all fine.

Unfortunately the photographer from London, who took our "engagement" photos turned out to be way out our budget not so suprising. So last week we met a photographer recommended by one of our friends. Here you can see her pictures. We liked her work very much, so it was not very difficult decision to hire her. So that one is solved also.

I'm very excited about our invitations, which should be ready soon. My brother has been working on them for some time already, and the invitations only need some polishing. And then we only need to find out where to print them. Oh, and find envelopes in correct mint shade. ;)

Tomorrow we will visit Wolfi's parents, and apparently there is a lot of stuff for us as we've been ordering all kinds of wedding related things from internet. For example the wedding cake decoration! :)

As I've already told before, we have a band and I got my dress looong time ago. It looks like we are in schedule, so to say. And all the stress is gone at least for now. Wuhuu! :) Now I'm waiting for spring so I can "get my hands dirty" with all the small details. I hope I still have this same energy then.

I hope you all will have a very nice weekend! I'm planning to. ;)

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