Monday, October 28, 2013

Holidays on my mind.

15 nights. That's the nights left to my summer holiday. Last spring we decided we would save our holidays till the time of the year when it's dark and cold and wet and miserable. And so we've been waiting and planning and counting the days. And now it's only 2 weeks away!

And where are we going? Might be that I've mentioned about it here already before or not but after hard thinking and researching we booked flights to Miami about six months ago. I don't think I've ever planned any holiday so much ahead before. :P First plan was to just rent a car and drive wherever our noses point. But pretty quickly we noticed that our Finnish-German planning enthusiasm won't let that happen. So now we've booked hotels for every night some can be cancelled the day before, so spontaneous is still possible :D but that's fine for me, at least I don't need to stress too much. And I think we still have space for some extempore activities.

Our plan is that we fly first to Frankfurt and stay there in airport hotel for one night. Then in the morning we can easily get to the airport on time. From Frankfurt we'll fly to Miami where we will stay one night and in the morning we'll get our car from the car rental. From Miami our route goes Key West-Everglades-Naples-St. Petersburg-Orlando-Cocoa Beach-Fort Lauderdale-Miami.
So far we did not plan too much more than the route and hotels. Mostly I would just like to drive to some gorgeous beaches and see the nature. And of course eat! Oh, I'm so curious to know how the food really is  there in the big US. Is it all fast food and supermarkets full of frozen meals? I have a feeling that there might be something else too. ;)

We do have tickets to Universal Orlando Harry Potter World I'm coming! Oh, and we also have tickets to NBA and NHL games (guess whose idea?). And then I heard that we must see alligators in Everglades and I want to try surfing in Cocoa Beach. And of course we need some time to do some shopping. Hmm, I guess that's quite many plans already. Ooops. :D

Last week was quite busy at work which makes me want the holiday even more. At least it feels like I've earned it. :P I have started to get a bit bored with this 8 to 4 routine now this morning was very difficult to motivate myself  so some change is very welcome. Talking about change, I had some at work too. Since this week I'm not anymore only the Finland-Baltics-UK team, but now I am the complaint handling person for whole Nordics, yei! It's weird how excited can a person be to get more work to do. :P I will probably regret this later... At least I've already now noticed that my Swedish is non-existent. And that compared to that my German in pretty damn good. :D 

Please hit me with your Florida tips in case you have any, I think there might be still space for few plans! ;)

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