Saturday, October 19, 2013

Amazing Alps.

When I was younger, I always dreamt about far-away countries, mostly Asia and Australia. I thought there was not too much interesting things to see closer. I was dreaming about beaches with white sand, weather so hot all you need is bikini and shorts, about brown skin and surf hair and a coconut drink in my hand while gazing at the endless ocean hmm, sounds still good :D 

First time I realized I might have been wrong was on Interrail, a train tour around Europe. I saw so many interesting places, beautiful cities and cute villages. Before that I thought "pläääh, France and Italy, how booooring" and the only place in Europe worth of visiting were the Greek islands. However on this Interrail we ended up spending one week in Italy, because my travel companion really liked the coutry. And I liked it too, not a bit boring, the gorgeous Tuscany, historical buildings in Pisa and Florence and of course Venice. I have to admit that I'm not huge Rome fan thou, but hey, I cannot like everything. Now I would go back anyday, I would really love to see the south, especially the food in  Napoli. And what about France then - we had to go there because I had few friends studying in Lyon. And I fell in love with that city, I actually would want to live there someday, but I guess I would need to learn some French first..

And so I started slowly, but steadily appreciate the history, interesting cities and breathtaking nature that we have right here in Europe. Now that I've been living here in the heart of it ;) for 1,5 years I've seen more and more and always there is something suprising and exciting to see. Maybe next stage from this is that I will finally appreciate the nature that we have in Finland and other Nordic coutries, but let's not go ahead of ourselves.

Last Monday I got couple of those "wow" moments that one can experience on our continent, when we drove south from Wolfi's parents to see the famous Neuschwanstein castle aka Disney castle. Already on the way to the castle I got to play Japanese tourist with my Sony while we were driving down Romatische Straße and Deutsche Alpenstraße. Amaaaazing Alps! I'm sorry for my boring adjectives, but there is just not word big enough to describe them. Just go and see it yourself! And it was gonna get better.

Neuschwanstein castle's premises are truly breathtaking and so is the walk up to the castle. And the fact that it was built there before all kinds of modern machines. Only thing that flattened the atmosphere was touristiness of the village down from the castle. But I don't wonder why so many people wants to see it, and where is people, there is business... Apparently the castle is somekind of pilgrimage destination for Japanese tourists. :P

After the castle we drove to the border of Austria to a small town called Mittenwald. The cutest place ever! On the way there, passing villages and cities, I was wondering if I would be different, if I'd spent my childhood in a town that is surrouded by Alps I have this similar thought quite often, for example "would I be different if I would have lived in a small village my whole life".

The more I'm travelling in Europe the more I want to see, and now it feels like one lifetime cannot possibly be enough for all of it. But how to pick? And my new born Europe-enthusiasm has not reduced my interest towards Asia. Unfortunately. :P

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