Monday, February 11, 2013

Happiness is an inside job...*

...but external things can help finding it. Last couple of weeks we have been preparing our home for spring. I know it's only February, but spring can never come too early, right? The apartment was fully furnished, with red, black and white, which frankly are not my favourite colours in decoration. Eventually I got used to them, and on Christmas time it was very easy. But now, after Christmas we wanted to have fresh springy colors. Now the only room left with red is our bedroom, the red-white-striped wall was too hard to hide, so I just had to go with it. ;)

Home <3

Yesterday we made karjalanpiirakka with another Finnish girl who lives here in Wroclaw. We were both newbies in this, and a bit nervous how they're gonna look like. For some reason everybody, including us, thinks that karjalanpiirakka is really hard to make, when in reality it's easier than korvapuusti. Ours turned out very nicely, and the taste was also authentic. :)

 Today (Sunday) we had our, already traditional "Hotel Breakfast Noora's & Wolfi's Style". I'm not sure if you already know, but we both are breakfast freaks and nothing makes us happier than a huge breakfast buffet. So after last summer's travels, we decided to bring some luxury to weekend mornings at home by having yummy breakfast. Usually we have quite basic stuff like bread, toast, milk bread (kinda like pulla), ham, cheese, perfectly boiled eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, jams, Nutella and cappuccino. Once or twice I have also made pancakes. Nam nam.

After breakfast we went to cinema to see "Lo Imposible": movie that tells a story of one family that survived the tsunami in Thailand. The movie was obviously very touching, and the actors, especially kids, were amazing. I would definetely recommend the movie, even I had to close my eyes couple of times.

And what could be perfect ending for this perfect sunday? Sushi! So we had sushi-dinner to celebrate my new job (that starts tomorrow, yaiks). And boy, it was gooood.

P.S. I wanted to go to this sushi place only because of the lamps in the ceiling. They look so pretty and I definetely want to have those in our home someday. Luckily also the sushi was delicious. ;)

*Quote by William Arthur Ward

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