Friday, February 8, 2013

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.*

Today might be the last day of my housegirlfriending career, at least for now. Might be because I still don't know when can I actually start working, since they need to do some administrative stuff... But I do know that on Monday I will have something called onboarding day. And I'm so excited! This is my first office job, and also first job where I get to wear my own clothes. I have been going thru my closet to see if I own anything "business casual". I think I might have to do a little bit of shopping, but spending money on professional look is totally acceptable, right?

Usually I have been total nerve wreck before starting a new job, because I have bad habit of imagining worst case scenarios. When I was working as waitress it was easy to get swallowed by these terrible what-if situations, because I could think of endless amount of them. But now I am only eager to see what's gonna happen since I have no idea how it could be. How refreshing. :) 

My last day of unemployment has been very lazy: watching Gossip Girl, facebooking and doing some yoga. I'm definetely gonna miss this relaxing life, but I think change is good, and I'm too young and healthy to live like a retired person anyway. We'll see how it will be, our life as a "normal real life" couple. And my life as a office worker. Will I find myself missing serving tables? Or will I finally find my true calling? :D Actually I think I already found it: housewifing. Maybe I'll become real housewife American style someday. :P Meanwhile, let's try something else.

Some months ago I heard or read somewhere, that it takes 8 months to settle down and find your place in a new country. I can totally support this theory. On 14th of February I have been here 8 months, and finally I feel like everything will work out, and this is my life. It is a long time, but when you really want something you are always ready to wait a little bit more. So I guess the message is to be patient and not give up. :)

Quote by A. A. Milne

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