Monday, September 17, 2012

So let's see...what did I promise to write about.

The parents meeting
Little over one week ago both mine and my boyfriend's parents visited us. They haven't met before, so at least my parents were a bit nervous. Maybe they would have been nervous anyway, but I think that the fact that they had speak English made it even more exciting. The first dinner together was ok, not anything special, just asking basic things and then akward silence. :P But already second night was better, and in the end I think the meeting was very "succesful". They invited each others to Finland and Germany next summer, so I guess that was the result I was looking for, haha.

It was nice to see my parents and show them where I live. I think now they feel more comfortable with the fact that I moved here. They liked the city, it's very different to Helsinki for example, with the Rynek and it's old, pretty buildings and dozens of old huge churches around the city. On the first day my dad said that beside the city center it looks more battered than he would have thought. Maybe I'm just use to it because I don't seem to notice that. And he was also wondering why they are building so many huge new buildings here.That I have been wondering too...
My parents were interested on different kind of cultural events here, and they will be back for sure. But maybe after winter. ;)

The job and the Polish course
For these two weeks that I have been working at the hostel, I've mostly liked it. I like to have something to do at work, for example the receptionist's job does not seem so interesting anymore, they are just sitting by the computer all day, not having too much to do. Of course cleaning poo from the toilets, changing sheets and taking trashes out is not my dream job. But while searching the dream job, this is ok. And I always wanted to work in a hostel, just to see how it is. One more dream accomplished! :)

The polish course has been fun. People there are relaxed, but mostly motivated and also my own motivation is very different than learning languages at school. I really want to make effort to learn the basics of this language. And 'till now it also has been quite easy. :)

Last week
Making soap bubbles.
The week was normal; work, Polish, coffee meeting at one Finnish family's place and Thursday meeting with other "international" people. On Friday we went to opera for the first time in our lifes. The opera was "Magic flute" by Mozart. I'm glad I read the story in advance, since I would have not understood anything about the German singing with Polish subtitles. But it was not too easy for my German speaking boyfriend either. ;) As a conclusion I would say, that it was worth trying but the next opera could be, let's say, in 20 years. :P Meanwhile I wanna see some musical and maybe even go to theatre.

Frankie's Juice Bar.

On Friday night I got a flu out from nowhere, at least it seems like that. Anyhow we had busy Saturday, I had to work, then we went for BBQ at my boyfriend's colleague's house and in the evening we had some friends coming over for drinks. Even I tried if vodka shot would help to cure the flu, I had to give up around eleven and go to bed. On sunday I had to work again, there was shortage of people this weekend at the hostel, and after that I felt completely dead. Fortunately I was able to get this Monday free, so now I'm trying to take it easy and hoping that tomorrow the flu will be gone. Because tomorrow is Oktoberfest here in Wroclaw! ;)

Fitting the traditional Bavarian clothes.

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