Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daytrip to Jinja

Back to last weekend - on Sunday we took off early in the morning and drove to Jinja, 80km from Kampala. Jinja is known of the Source of the Nile; the river Nile starts from there and flows all the way to Mediterranean. Jinja itself was not too exciting; sleepy town with way too many souvenir shops and a few once nice buildings. I was more excited to see water - I have always been fascinated of water; sea especially, but river is ok too. Here, at home we can see a glimpse of Lake Victoria from our backyard (you need to go to a specific corner of the garden), but being actually right next to the water is of course a different thing. It was so nice to breathe the fresh air and just admire the view. Unfortunately swimming is a no-no because of something nasty called bilharzia.

For an even more spectacular view we drove about 20 minutes away from the town to a lodge called The Haven for lunch. The way to the lodge went through a very small village, where people lived in huts and small cottages made from mud. The kids waived to us while we drove by. Exactly how my expectation was of an African village. :D We had nice lunch with gorgeous view at the lodge, but unfortunately it was too expensive to stay the night. :P We made it back home easily before dark - on the way there was also a lot of interesting things to see from outskirts of Kampala to some smaller cities and from tea plantations to jungle. After this trip I really got excited to see more of this ever-green country. :)

A camel?? I did not know we had camels in Uganda.

Local construction sites do not exactly fill the European standards.

The source.
The Haven.

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