Saturday, September 20, 2014

The wait is over!

It's been a busy week, this one. Few hours after my last posting we finally got our container, and so this week has been full of IKEA furniture assembling and emptying moving boxes. I'm very proud of us - in just five days we've emptied all boxes and we only have few more things to do. Now this house really looks and feels like a home. And I must say that one lovely home it is, I love it! <3 As mentioned before most of the furniture is new so we were not sure how it will all come together, but I'm more than happy. Now we are waiting for you, guests, so we can show off our beautiful home. ;)

After the long wait it was so good to see our things, although I did think for a moment seeing all the boxes that this all cannot be ours. Who needs so much stuff? :D (All the pullovers, jackets and winter boots will not be used here much.) So far we did not notice anything missing and almost everything came in good condition. Almost... Our brand new TV took a hit in some point (we figured probably already in Germany) and is basically garbage now. :( Gladly we have perfect neighbors who borrowed us their TV until we figure out what to do. The problem is not that they would not sell TVs here, but they are ridiculously expensive...

Right now we have a plumber in our kitchen connecting the washing machine and dishwasher. I have to admit that I'm a tiny bit scared how it'll work out (I know it's mean to think like this). Earlier the plumber was making fire on our backyard....

And of course all of you are dying to know how my all-by-myself driving experience was. It was good, and I don't see any reason why I could not drive in the city (outside rush hours, in daylight). This will make my life here much more enjoyable indeed.

Next time I'll try to get you some pictures of our home. ;)

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