Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Once there was a thing called Spring..."

Seems like again my busy life kept me from writing the blog (read: I was lazy).
Anyway, what has happened is that I have totally absorbed working woman's life, and the time when I was just at home every day seems like it was just a dream. :P But I'm having fun at work so I don't mind. My training period will last still some weeks, so I can take it quite easy. And I also have some holidays coming very soon, so for me stress is as unfamiliar feeling as being a lottery winner.

Week ago my friend and her boyfriend came to visit us. We had fun weekend: eating, drinking, sightseeing, bowling, shopping... Was sooo nice to have these very important guests here. <3

Earlier this week spring came to say hello, so I put on my tennarit and we went out to take some springy pictures. Unfortunately spring did not stay long this time, but I hope it will come back soon.

Yesterday was Women's day also here in Poland. Here it seems to be a bit bigger thing than for example in Finland. Guys are giving gifts and flowers to all women they know, not only their girlfriends. So I got to enjoy this at work where our team's only male-member gave us an amazing cake. And we got roses too. :) Good to be a woman. On Monday we will have a new team member, so we'll have more man power in our team. And of course my love did not forget to spoil me: I got flowers and we had dinner in a restaurant called Przystan. Lovely food and very romantic, I recommend! And they have propably the best view in the city, over the river and at the university. In summer I'm definetely gonna try their breakfast on the terrace.

This weekend I'm just gonna relaaax with a capital R. Busy times are ahead, so I might not have time for couchpotatoing.

"Katso ylös ja mitä sä näät
jotain keltaista ja pyöreää
se sinun sisältäsi sulattaa jään
ja saa sut jälleen hymyilemään
en kaipaa kultaakaan
loistavaa palloa vaan
mut jos se pois viedään
en selvii päivääkään"

Lumo - Täältä saapuu aurinko

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