Friday, March 15, 2013

Live well. Laugh often. Love much.

Friday = Weekend = Freedom. Permission to sleep, eat and drink as much as you want anytime you want. It's a funny thing, how much you are waiting for it. Counting days, then hours. And suddenly again it's Monday and new week, another 5 days 'till next weekend.

I was always a bit irritated about office-people posting in Facebook "Friday!" "Weekend!!"  "....I hate Mondays..." and so on (I apologize already the day I'm gonna be one of them). My adult life has never before been determined by "office hours". Actually I used to dislike Fridays and Saturdays since they were the busiest and longest days at work. But today I felt I was part of the mass who thinks Friday is the second best thing in the world: right after public holiday on weekday. I'm so gonna be that person who complains when May Day is on weekend (MUAHAHAA).

Anyways this weekend will be again full of nice things: resting (because sitting in office 40 hours per week is soooo hard), yummy breakfast, meeting friends, testing my brand-new skis... :) And the best thing is that next week Tuesday will already be my Friday, and I will go to Rome to celebrate my good (old) dad. ;)

(I prefer fat & sugar, but anyhow..)

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