Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First glance.

I never believed in love at first sight. I'm trying to remember that when I'm getting to know my new home. I liked Wroclaw in January when it was grey and freezing and in April when it was rainy and still much colder than I thought. In my thoughts I would have loved green, hot summer Wroclaw, but it has not been that easy. After seeing same shopping center from living room window and after walking those few streets I know it suddenly seemed all so boring. That's it? Is this all? Well of course it's not, Wroclaw is the size of Helsinki, so there must be more. So I guess it's time to come out of the familiar, safe tourist box I've been in and go out there...

We've been going around the city, for employment office and IKEA, desperately trying to find bed linen (how hard can that be?!) so I've got good opportunity to see places outside the market square. Which actually does not look familiar at all anymore, because of the huge EURO fan zone. Anyway while tramming* our way around the city I've slowly but steadily started to get somekind of picture about it, seen new corners and old ones from different angle, learned that it's much bigger than the streets around market place. Don't get me wrong I would still get lost in five minutes (and I did right at the moment I was left alone). And don't even ask about the trams. Or buses. But my point is that I think I will like it here the more I get to know the city. :)

*going by tram, just made it out :P

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