Monday, December 29, 2014

Our African Christmas

We decided to spent Christmas here in Uganda this year and save the flight money for later. Even thought it was a bit difficult to get on Christmas mood here under the sun, we manage to create quite nice atmosphere. Maybe the weather was helping; it certainly wasn't the best possible, so glühwein and candles made a bit more sense. :P

Christmas would be nothing without food, right? And food we had.... Even I originally thought I wouldn't try to prepare any traditional Finnish Christmas food, I still ended up giving a second chance to self-made carrot and potato casseroles and mushroom salad. And I was pleased to notice that they came up quite nicely. As I could not find (nor would I know how to prepare) traditional Finnish joulukinkku, we had to settle with spare ribs. Not a bad choice at all. :) We also decided to get crazy and buy the completely overpriced frozen smoked salmon, that I've been craving for some time, and boy was it worth. :P No Christmas without salmon. (Maybe we were lucky, but we did not get sick, even buying frozen stuff is against all the travel guide safety tips...) On top of these we had tonnes of chocolate from Finland and Germany, and of course traditional Finnish rice porridge for breakfast (I could not find almonds so I put a peanut in the porridge, but no one found it :P)

On Christmas day we were following our stomachs to the Speke Resort at Lake Victoria. The resort organized Christmas day lunch buffet which was so overwhelmingly huge even this food lover could not taste everything. Most of it was quite alright, and for sure it was plenty, which is the food policy of Christmas anyway. More is more, right?

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did ours. Now we are ready to welcome the New Year 2015. Excited to see what it has to offer, ;)

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