Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Täydellinen päivä.

The big day is behind us and we are happily married for almost 4 days. Despite of the stormy weather forecasts and us both being ill, the day was perfect. I think the most important factor was that we decided we are going to enjoy it no matter what, and so it was the best party ever! At least for us. But also our guests seemed to have enjoyed the party a lot. :)

The most amazing thing in the whole wedding was the fact that so many people from all around Europe and even from US wanted to be there for us and celebrate our marriage. I still cannot believe it and thinking about it makes me cry of gratitude and joy. :') I am a big cry baby sometimes, but I don't like crying in public, so in the wedding I actually did not. But there was few moments where it was very difficult to keep my calm. The first moment was when me and my dad walked down the stairs and I saw all of my loved ones gathered there waiting for us. The second time was during the ceremony when we said our "vows" to each other and the third when my dad performed one of my favourite songs. At the wedding party the most touching moments were obviously my dad's speech and our first dance. I cannot believe how well both my dad and the singer of the band, who does not speak German, were entertaining the German guests. Amazing! It gives me some pressure to go ahead and try it too. :D

All in all, I enjoyed wedding planning a lot, and I would easily do it all over again. I did not have much stress and the stress I did have was maybe that healthy kind that everyone should face sometimes. Maybe I will become a party planner, hehe. :D There is not much in our wedding I would change, thanks to the people we hired and our friends who helped us just from pure awesomeness, the whole day went very smoothly. The one and only thing I would change would be to have a microphone in our ceremony, but that is pretty small detail, isn't it? ;) (As a tip for future brides and grooms I would also recommend leaving some air to the planning schedule for surprises, like a week long flu ;)) The dress and my hair were gorgeous, the groom was perfect, guests were awesome, cake, flowers and the band were amazing, food was delicious, drinks were enough and as much as we've seen so far the photographer is truly talented.


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