Friday, July 6, 2012


Last weekend we started our summer 2012 mini-holidays. Which means weekend trips to various cities near by. First destination was Poznan, a Polish city about 150 kilometers from here. On friday afternoon temperature here in Wroclaw was something +30, so three hours in non-air-conditioned Polish train did not sound too tempting. But in the end it was not that bad...

I still cannot understand how is it possible that these trains are so slow. But at least you arrive to your destination according the schedule or even a little bit too early, which is not always the case with Finnish railways. :P

Our hotel was a bit out of city center, but it was cheap and had own outdoor swimming pool. The idea of jumping in the pool was keeping me alive during the sweaty, endless journey...

The hotel was located near Lake Malta, where you can find all kinds of activities. After saturday's hotel breakfast <3 we borrowed bikes from the hotel and cycled around the lake. Nice to see some nature sometimes too. ;)

Center of Poznan was really pretty, market square reminded a lot of Wroclaw's. After picking up a tourist guide we started our Poznan day tour. Besides the market squre we saw super-cute alleys and amazing Fara church. The end station of our tour was a shopping mall built in old brewery. We had late lunch in cute restaurant called Weranda. Later we tested their Mojitos in near by park where they have small terrace.

On sunday it was time to go back to the train station. Luckily the train was a bit newer than the first one so we could make ourselfs comfortable in our (almost private) booth. In the end Poznan was for sure worth of visiting, even despite over 6 hours of travelling.

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